LCM: KTZ Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

KTZ offers head-turning pieces for AW15.


KTZ focuses on extreme all-black detailing for their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, featuring Fur framed parkas, lots of leather, bold skeleton graphics, photo-covered outerwear and disco mosaic patterns. See the all the looks below:

KIM_0460 KIM_0506 KIM_0490 KIM_0473
KIM_0517 KIM_0563 KIM_0545 KIM_0528
KIM_0572 KIM_0614 KIM_0600 KIM_0585
KIM_0627 KIM_0668 KIM_0656 KIM_0643
KIM_0680 KIM_0729 KIM_0717 KIM_0700
KIM_0748 KIM_0788 KIM_0773 KIM_0761
KIM_0808 KIM_0852 KIM_0844 KIM_0824
KIM_0868 KIM_0915 KIM_0899 KIM_0883
KIM_0937 KIM_0986 KIM_0970 KIM_0952
KIM_1000 KIM_1056 KIM_1031 KIM_1020
KIM_1067 KIM_1114 KIM_1101 KIM_1081
KIM_1132 KIM_1182 KIM_1166 KIM_1154

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