PFW: Balenciaga Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Get your wellies out.


Balenciaga reveals their Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection with a lookbook like we’ve not seen before. Modern but extremely innovative. Shot in a farm inspired settings, with nothing but super luxe clothing and soft minimal aesthetics running through the 10/10 looks. Creative Director, Alexander Wang, approved brings his simplicity to an extraordinary level for fashion house Balenciaga, exploring new ways of dressing simple. With crocodile leather backpacks to long clean overcoats and garments shaped into a bold silhouette, we see Alexander Wang form basic pieces into wearable statements. See the full collection below:

Balenciaga_001_1366 Balenciaga_004_1366 Balenciaga_003_1366 Balenciaga_002_1366
Balenciaga_005_1366 Balenciaga_008_1366 Balenciaga_007_1366 Balenciaga_006_1366
Balenciaga_009_1366 Balenciaga_012_1366 Balenciaga_011_1366 Balenciaga_010_1366
Balenciaga_013_1366 Balenciaga_016_1366 Balenciaga_015_1366 Balenciaga_014_1366
Balenciaga_017_1366 Balenciaga_020_1366 Balenciaga_019_1366 Balenciaga_018_1366
Balenciaga_021_1366 Balenciaga_024_1366 Balenciaga_023_1366 Balenciaga_022_1366
Balenciaga_025_1366 Balenciaga_028_1366 Balenciaga_027_1366 Balenciaga_026_1366
Balenciaga_029_1366 Balenciaga_031_1366 Balenciaga_030_1366

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