MFW: Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Dolce&Gabbana goes very colourful for SS16.


Dolce&Gabbana Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is a combination of fine tailoring with sophisticated but lively prints.

Breasted jackets, suits, long coats, shorts and collar shirts follow the iconic D&G tailoring roots, while adorned with colourful flower, geometric, religious and again animal prints.

The silhouettes are modern, and the designs feature two styles: some tight pieces such as bomber jackets, breasted jackets and jeans, and some more oversized ones, such as midi-sleeved tops and bottoms.

Some of the prints are heavily influenced by Asian culture, as well as some designs, that included the side bottomed jacket. 

There is a wide selection of summer footweasr and accessories as well: embroided espadrillas (slip-ons) are featured in different colours, fabrics and print, and paired with leather handbags and backpacks. 

_DOL0017 _DOL0057 _DOL0045 _DOL0033

_DOL0069 _DOL0097 _DOL0085 _DOL0080

_DOL0113 _DOL0152 _DOL0139 _DOL0125
_DOL0164 _DOL0215 _DOL0198 _DOL0183

_DOL0223 _DOL0260 _DOL0250 _DOL0233

_DOL0272 _DOL0315 _DOL0300 _DOL0288

_DOL0319 _DOL0361 _DOL0351 _DOL0337

_DOL0367 _DOL0399 _DOL0388 _DOL0382

_DOL0412 _DOL0450 _DOL0432 _DOL0417

_DOL0455 _DOL0494 _DOL0482 _DOL0467

_DOL0505 _DOL0541 _DOL0525 _DOL0516

_DOL0550 _DOL0584 _DOL0569 _DOL0557

_DOL0591 _DOL0627 _DOL0616 _DOL0599
_DOL0636 _DOL0673 _DOL0655 _DOL0644

_DOL0686 _DOL0727 _DOL0711 _DOL0697

_DOL0748 _DOL0783 _DOL0774 _DOL0756

_DOL0801 _DOL0844 _DOL0829 _DOL0822

_DOL0853 _DOL0894 _DOL0882 _DOL0870

_DOL0907 _DOL0949 _DOL0933 _DOL0921

_DOL0960 _DOL1004 _DOL0994 _DOL0982

_DOL1016 _DOL1059 _DOL1040 _DOL1031

_DOL1071 _DOL1110 _DOL1100 _DOL1084

_DOL1123 _DOL1161 _DOL1146 _DOL1137

_DOL1167 _DOL1207 _DOL1195 _DOL1180

_DOL1216 _DOL1247 _DOL1235 _DOL1230

_DOL1260 _DOL1296 _DOL1284 _DOL1280

_DOL1305  _DOL1315_DOL1361 _DOL1511

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