MFW: Missoni Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Missoni’s man is summer-ready with an Indian touch for Spring/Summer 2016. 

Backstage at Missoni Men's Spring 2016

Italian artisanship and Indian inspiration meet for a colour, texture and pattern fusion for Missoni Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

The mix of two different styles was definitely risky, but very well handled. The compatibility between Indian colour palettes like Jodphur blue, Jaipur pink, and multiple shades of orange, was made possible due to Missoni’s already rich roots of fine tailoring; whilst the silhouettes highlighted the high quality of knits and patterns.

View the entire collection below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

_ARC0071 _ARC0051 _ARC0033

_ARC0083 _ARC0143 _ARC0127 _ARC0109


_ARC0217 _ARC0201 _ARC0179

_ARC0233 _ARC0291 _ARC0275 _ARC0255

_ARC0317 _ARC0375 _ARC0353 _ARC0331

_ARC0399 _ARC0457 _ARC0437 _ARC0415

_ARC0475 _ARC0537 _ARC0517 _ARC0495

_ARC0559 _ARC0593 _ARC0573_ARC0017


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