Street Style Shots: London Collections: Men Day 2

London Collections: Men day two street style is here our street style photographers Dylan Cortex, Eva Al Desnudo & Michaela Tornaritis was there to capture the best of all. See all the LCM Street style menswear shots from Saturday,  13th of June 2015.

Please credit all the photographers & @PAUSE_Online if you share these photos.


The following photos below by Dylan Cortex:

Asap Ferg featured in PAUSE Online street style day 2 at LCM.

Get the look – Astrid Andersen

IMG_5254 IMG_5200 IMG_5224 IMG_5230

IMG_5179 IMG_5144 IMG_5155

IMG_4931 IMG_4886IMG_4840 IMG_4871

IMG_4823 IMG_4793 IMG_4801 IMG_4817

The following photos below by Eva Al Desnudo:

1N2A2469 1N2A2854 1N2A2787 1N2A2616
1N2A2393 1N2A2438
1N2A2877 1N2A3269 1N2A3240 1N2A2945
1N2A3377 1N2A3791 1N2A3434 1N2A3399
1N2A4017 1N2A4379
1N2A4860 1N2A5026

The following photos by Michaela Tornaritis:
FC6A6731 FC6A7190 FC6A6911 FC6A6775FC6A7408

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