Cheap Monday Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Cheap Monday opts for denim and prints for SS16. 


Cheap Monday’s ‘Nuclear Psychodelia’ Spring/Summer 2016 Collection was presented at Stockholm Fashion Week as an explosion of energy. The collection takes its inspiration from the idea of a nuclear hippie explosion happening just inside your head: pops of colour, moon cycles, clothes torn by acid rain, glowing atoms and ash clouds can be felt in your head throughout the line, while your feet are stuck on the ground. The colour palette that adorns oversized tops, collar shirts and wide leg trousers is simple, featuring black, white, grey and denim.

See the full collection below:

Cheap-Monday_ss16_fy1 Cheap-Monday_ss16_fy3 Cheap-Monday_ss16_fy4 Cheap-Monday_ss16_fy5 Cheap-Monday_ss16_fy6 Cheap-Monday_ss16_fy7 Cheap-Monday_ss16_fy8 Cheap-Monday_ss16_fy9

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