Filling Pieces Spring/Summer 2016 “Metamorphoses” Lookbook

By December 16, 2015Fashion News

18th Day Of Christmas

Creative Direction and Styling: Samantha Ria // @SamanthaRia
Photographer: Benjamin Glean // @benjamingleanphotography
Assistant Stylist: Rhys Marcus Jay // @rhysmarcusjay
Hair and Makeup: Jaysam and Michael @ Jam Deluxe // @jam_deluxe
Fashion Assistants: Bernice, Emma and Albert
Model: Derrick @ AMCK Models // @derrickappiah

On the 18th day of Christmas, PAUSE brings to you..

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Clothing credits: Jacket – Alpha Industries, Top – Armour Luxe, Bottoms – Reiss, Trainers – Whistles

Palm trees, sand and stylish clothes…


The day has come. Filling Pieces finally unveiles its first drop of its long-awaited ‘Metamophoses’ collection. The range will feature 250 different styles over the three releases, making it a very ambitious project. Presented to the public in a form of the colourfully exotic lookbook, the extremely wearable clothes in earthy tones look in harmony with the blossoming nature in the background. The new line of footwear is also added to the mix. The brand also announced a desigion to redesign its website and logo. Metamophoses indeed.

The first release will drop this Friday 18th on the brand’s website and selected retailers worldwide.

filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-2 filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-3 filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-4 filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-5

filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-6 filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-7 filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-8filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-10 filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-9
filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-11 filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-14


filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-18 filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-17

filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-19 filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-20 filling-pieces-2016-spring-summer-drop-1-21

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