Jerry Lorenzo Models In the Fear of God Collection for SENSE

By January 12, 2016Fashion News

Jerry Lorenzo steps out of the darkness and in front of the camera.


Japanese publication, SENSE Magazine are currently on a quest to document the current Los Angeles fashion scene, adding to the long list of names they’ve covered such as Alex Knost, Tommy Perse and Ed Templeton, Jerry Lorenzo is featured in his own brand, Fear of God LA. It never has been unusual for the designer to sport his own brand, which he does effortlessly as the label mirrors Lorenzo’s self built sense of style, in front of the camera in a six page spread, Jerry rocks his creations, featuring his first ever footwear model.

jerry-lorenzo-fear-of-god-sense-magazine-001-550x800 jerry-lorenzo-fear-of-god-sense-magazine-004-550x800 jerry-lorenzo-fear-of-god-sense-magazine-003-550x800 jerry-lorenzo-fear-of-god-sense-magazine-002-550x800jerry-lorenzo-fear-of-god-sense-magazine-008-550x800 jerry-lorenzo-fear-of-god-sense-magazine-009-550x800jerry-lorenzo-fear-of-god-sense-magazine-006-550x800jerry-lorenzo-fear-of-god-sense-magazine-005-550x800

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