LCM: 1205 Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Brazilian designer Paula Gerbase’s 1205 showcases first collection at LCM.


For the first time ever, Paula Gerbase showcased 1205’s latest assemblage at LCM this season. Deciding to present at the Royal Institute of British Architecture, the London-based label’s Autumn/Winter 2016 lineup was a perfect example of a show-space in harmony with the aesthetic of the collection.

In a muted selection of grey, charcoal, black and camel; clean silhouettes, sharp tailoring and even a couple of jumpsuits all made the first 1205 collection at LCM a desirable, wearable and staple – heavy selection. Certainly, one to watch.

Take a look at the full collection below.

1205_lb_fw16_002_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_003_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_004_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_005_1280x1920

1205_lb_fw16_006_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_007_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_008_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_009_1280x1920

1205_lb_fw16_010_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_011_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_012_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_013_1280x1920

1205_lb_fw16_015_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_014_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_016_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_017_1280x1920

1205_lb_fw16_018_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_019_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_020_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_021_1280x1920

1205_lb_fw16_022_1280x1920 1205_lb_fw16_023_1280x1920

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