MFW: Diesel Black Gold Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Diesel Black Gold shine-bright at Milan fashion Week.

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With a number of styling concepts used in previous runway showings, Diesel Black Gold have stood out at this years Milan Fashion Week with their incredible biker themed collection.

Bringing together a variety of eye-catching pieces, including longline outwear in monochrome colourways, added to the occasional vibrant additions such as their stunning oversized sweatshirt pairings is what gives this runway collection a street-inspired class.

Subtly gothic stylings, added to the variety of raw-cut, layered under- garments are the reasons behind their runway glory.

Stunning additions such as the bold strap-on backpacks, thick zippers and occasional metallic extras allow this fresh, urban-inspired collection to stand-out.

See below for more photos.

_MON0003 _MON0014_MON0026 _MON0059 _MON0045 _MON0036_MON0074 _MON0131 _MON0112 _MON0093_MON0138 _MON0193 _MON0174 _MON0153_MON0202 _MON0246 _MON0230 _MON0215_MON0266 _MON0322 _MON0303 _MON0284_MON0341 _MON0393 _MON0374 _MON0357_MON0412 _MON0469 _MON0446 _MON0432_MON0481 _MON0513 _MON0495_MON0597

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