NYFW: Lacoste Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Lacoste designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista saluted the audience wearing a “René did it First” sweater


“René did it First” was, in four words, the most complete and appropriate sentence that could sum up Lacoste’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. Paying homage to the French label founder René Lacoste, designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista drew his inspiration in the quintessential origins of the sports-friendly silhouettes with a thing for ski outfits, vinyl pieces and oversized ribbed sweaters.

Displaying looks for both menswear and womenswear in the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, Lacoste seized graphic prints and effective cuts in a reminder that next season will be as dynamic and modern as the previous ones. René would be proud, indeed.

Check the menswear collection below:

08_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_08 06_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_06 04_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_0410_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_10 17_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_17 13_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_13 11_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_1119_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_19 26_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_26 24_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_24 22_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_2228_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_28 38_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_38 33_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_33 30_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_3041_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_41 47_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_47 43_LACOSTE_FW16_NYFS_look_43

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