Spotted: David Beckham in Top-to-Toe Adidas

Adidas is your new gym wear according to David Beckham.

David-Beckham-Best-Wishes-hat-Adidas-Originals-hoodie-sweatpants-NMD-sneakers (1)
David Beckham left Soul Cycle in (almost) top-to-toe Adidas yesterday.

Exercising his lifetime contract with the brand, Becks was spotted out in Cali wearing an Adidas Original Sport luxe moto hoodie and joggers with Adidas Originals NMD black and blue runners and a Best Wishes Limitless baseball.


Get the look:

Adidas NMD Sneakers – Buy.

Adidas Sport Luxe Moto Hoodie – Buy.


Adidas Sport Luxe Moto Joggers – Buy.


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