Kapital’s 2016 Autumn/Winter Lookbook

By May 24, 2016Fashion News

Called Japan’s best kept fashion secret, Kapital blends Japanese and American styles to create their ultra-classic Autumn/Winter collection.


Founders Toshikiyo and Kazuhiro Hirata aren’t hung up on perfect-fits or producing clothes that are especially ornate. Kapital are all about a relaxed and rustic look that inadvertently goes against the grain of the majority of the Japanese fashion scene.

This collection features familiar winter essentials like jumpers, trousers and shirts in vintage textures like tweed and corduroy and lots of denim. Kapital, after all is first and foremost a denim company and the all denim ensembles in this collection means we should be layering up our denims this winter.

kapital-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-1 - Copy

kapital-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-01 (500x750)




kapital-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-10 - Copy



kapital-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-8 - Copy

kapital-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-7 - Copy


kapital-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-6 - Copy

kapital-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-5 - Copy

kapital-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-2 - Copy

kapital-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-4 - Copy

kapital-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-3 - Copy


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