11 Tricks To Get Street Style Snapped at Fashion Week

By June 8, 2016Features

Here comes London Fashion Week, the well-known series of events where you need to bring all the style you’ve got and where you’re going to be blinded by thousands of flashes. Amongst the buyers, the bloggers and the babblers, you certainly want to be noticed and photographed by the best street style photographers of the city. Here are a few tricks to get snapped while walking the path during Fashion Week.

1 – Pretend to be important. Be important means you’ll get snapped.

2 – Pretend to be busy, or on the phone.

3 – Pretend to be laughing at some joke for the picture. It always works.

4 – Walk only with your squad…

5 – … or pretend to be better off alone.

6 – Smile, but not too much.

7 – Practice your best RBF*. That’s what fashion is all about.

*Resting Bitch Face. We thought you’d knew, after all this time. 

8 – Bring it all. Embrace excess. No concessions on your outfits.

9 – Style your appearance.

10 – Mix the prints. 

11 – Don’t forget to have fun.

Every Fashion Week is a unique experience, so make sure to have fun. Upgrade your style, enjoy the parties, the glasses of champagne and the various canapés, make contact, laugh, dance, take pictures and strike your best pose.

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