LCM Exclusive: BOY by Boy SS17 Preview

By June 6, 2016Fashion News

BOY by Boy exclusive.

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Boy by Boy gives PAUSE an exclusive preview of their Spring/Summer 2017 collection ahead of London Collections: Men. We at PAUSE did a quick Q&A with head designer Melody Maker about what we can expect from the SS16 collection.

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What can we all expect from BOY by Boy for Spring/Summer 2017?
This season is about protecting your privacy and the fact that we have so easily forgotten what privacy is.  Our every move is being watched and information is often used against us.

What are the inspirations behind the development of the collection?

Privacy was definitely something that I thought of when I was designing this collection. I feel today,  information is shared so easily and publicly – and it’s a scary thought.  I understand that we all need to use technology, but at what cost?  Identity theft is on the rise and I thought it’s time we bring awareness to this issue.
What are some of the key styles from the collection and which is your favourite piece?
There is a section of this collection that has a camouflage made from the dark web’s code my favourite piece is the jacket with RF blocking pockets within that section.

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Tell us about the current brand direction for BOY by Boy in 2017?
The plan for us is to offer our current BOY LONDON customers a more premium streetwear product. In Asia, I see a lot of our customers wearing BOY LONDON clothes with other high end streetwear brands and I thought why not bring that sense of style across and offer it here in London – where it all started.

What can we all expect from the presentation this LCM? 
It is going to be a big presentation this season! It is a first for BOY by BOY and we are working with FKA Twigs’ producer Cyan on our presentation music which is sounding amazing.  We also have Matthew Josephs styling our show and Shelley Durkan as our casting director to bring the presentation to life.
Lastly, what is the difference to BOY by Boy and BOY London?
Boy London has great history; it was started 40 years ago and has influenced so many.  I know the Boy London customer and have designed for them for the past 3 years – what’s interesting and exciting about BOY by BOY is that I am able to push the boundaries a little more and speak to a broader range of consumers. It really is a time of discovery for BbB.

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