MFW: Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Giorgio Armani highlighted the yearn for individuality in his Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2017 collection, showcased at Milan Fashion Week.


It is understandable that every designer wants to differ from the next. “I detest it when we all do the same thing, ” Armani stated. He demonstrated this individuality by opening and closing the show with the graphic fingerprint designs, reinforcing the idea of identity.

Although the colour palette does not budge horrifically from previous collections, interesting textures and patterns are dominant throughout. Leather jackets have an embossed feel to them and trousers have an element of embroidery. Some jackets have a slight shine and trousers appear crinkled. In addition to this, Armani has gifted some outfits with a feathered military style broach; is this furthering the idea of identity?

See the full Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Milan Fashion Week below:

_ARC0014 _ARC0030 _ARC0038 _ARC0047 _ARC0057 _ARC0070 _ARC0081 _ARC0098 _ARC0117 _ARC0126 _ARC0132 _ARC0143 _ARC0150 _ARC0161 _ARC0173 _ARC0189 _ARC0202 _ARC0215 _ARC0235 _ARC0250 _ARC0262 _ARC0274 _ARC0290 _ARC0313 _ARC0336 _ARC0347 _ARC0364 _ARC0378 _ARC0383 _ARC0400 _ARC0413 _ARC0428 _ARC0442 _ARC0451 _ARC0461 _ARC0477 _ARC0490 _ARC0514 _ARC0525 _ARC0547 _ARC0560 _ARC0575 _ARC0596 _ARC0607 _ARC0621 _ARC0633 _ARC0649 _ARC0661 _ARC0673 _ARC0685 _ARC0700 _ARC0712 _ARC0724 _ARC0736 _ARC0740 _ARC0752 _ARC0766 _ARC0777 _ARC0794 _ARC0809 _ARC0821 _ARC0837 _ARC0844 _ARC0858 _ARC0869 _ARC0877 _ARC0898 _ARC0912 _ARC0925 _ARC0932 _ARC0943 _ARC0946 _ARC0951 _ARC0958 _ARC0962 _ARC0969 _ARC0978 _ARC0987 _ARC0996 _ARC1002 _ARC1004 _ARC1009 _ARC1016 _ARC1019 _ARC1027 _ARC1035 _ARC1038

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