MFW: MP Massimo Piombo Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

By June 19, 2016Fashion News

Massimo Piombo looks to South Asia for inspiration for their SS17 collection. 


Like other designers, Piombo is feeling the pull of the South of Asia, last year Versace’s menswear collection was inspired by Pakistani fashion. This year Piombo is offering a more vibrant take on Southern dress, colouring his collection in tuscan yellow, dusky red and teal, a colour that has been sorely lacking on the catwalk.

Layering Kurta suits and Nehru jackets with trench coats and double breasted jackets, Piombo brings traditional Asian menswear together with an Italian finish. Piombo has left solid, sturdy fabrics like leather or synthetics out of this collection, opting for Belgian linens and embroidered cotton. There isn’t a clean line in this collection, which isn’t a criticism. All the pieces look pleasantly rumpled and creased which teases the poetic mood Piombo wanted from this collection even further. “As a niche brand, we have to offer poetry,” Piombo stated.

massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-02 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-03 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-04 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-05 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-06 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-07 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-08 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-09 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-10 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-11 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-12 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-13 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-14 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-15 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-16 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-17 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-18 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-19 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-20 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-21 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-22 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-23 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-24 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-25 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-26 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-27 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-28 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-29 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-30 massimo-piombo-mens-ss-17-31

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