PFW: Avoc Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Where fashion and architecture collide.


Since the label’s launch in 2013, Avoc has been at a crossroads between fashion and art, between elegant and structured and between their occasionally playful and more often serious personality. However, 2016 marked a new avenue for designer duo Do and Laurent, who chose the theme of ‘pirates’ for their FW16 collection showing that, despite its usually retained composure, Avoc is not without a sense of humour or adventure.

Evidence of this sense of humour can be spotted in their SS17 collection – two fanny packs Avoc? Electric pinks and purples, cartoon character graphics – that are stifled under utilitarian lines, structure and constructivist red, Avoc’s coolness ultimately winning out.

Avoc_1004_SS17_PM Avoc_1006_SS17_PM Avoc_1008_SS17_PM Avoc_1010_SS17_PM Avoc_1016_SS17_PM Avoc_1020_SS17_PM Avoc_1022_SS17_PM Avoc_1026_SS17_PM Avoc_1030_SS17_PM Avoc_1032_SS17_PM Avoc_1040_SS17_PM Avoc_1042_SS17_PM Avoc_1048_SS17_PM Avoc_1050_SS17_PM Avoc_1058_SS17_PM Avoc_1059_SS17_PM Avoc_1062_SS17_PM

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