PFW: Comme des Garçons Shirt Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

See the full Comme des Garçons Shirt Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:


A far cry from their overtly conceptual collections from their mainline, Comme des Garçons Shirt collection fixates on the practical (or perhaps mundane, from their perspective?) side of the overtly maximalist Japanese label. Does mundane have to mean boring? Not with Comme des Garçons – not ever.

For Spring/Summer 17′ we were presented with a selection of printed shirts, t-shirts, sweaters and a small brigade of the currently favoured satin souvenir jacket. In typical fashion, the label shared only a modicum of somewhat ‘vanilla’ pieces with their primary focus on print, slogans, panelling and details in a wide array of forms.

Seen somewhat as the wearable sideshow to it’s bigger, bolder brother Comme des Garçons Homme Plus; the collection did an exceptional job of watering down the conceptual, couture-ish (and borderline garish) prints and patterns seen at its sister label’s show. Similar patterns and prints transcended the collections, albeit in a far more wearable selection seen at CdGS than the alternative. Well… there always is the louder sibling, isn’t there?

KIM_5664 KIM_5699 KIM_5726 KIM_5754 KIM_5788 KIM_5827 KIM_5860 KIM_5901 KIM_5940 KIM_5977 KIM_6005 KIM_6038 KIM_6064 KIM_6099 KIM_6136 KIM_6171 KIM_6203 KIM_6221 KIM_6253 KIM_6267 KIM_6304 KIM_6327 KIM_6365 KIM_6396 KIM_6432 KIM_6458 KIM_6487 KIM_6521 KIM_6549 KIM_6576 KIM_6607 KIM_6638 KIM_6677 KIM_6701 KIM_6722 KIM_6745 KIM_6772 KIM_6800 KIM_6819 KIM_6861 KIM_6896 KIM_6920 KIM_6943 KIM_6982 KIM_7003 KIM_7026 KIM_7047 KIM_7066

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