PFW: Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2017 Collection


See the full Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:


Returning to the Tennis Club de Paris, Kris Von Assche was inspired by childhood visits to the bold, bright lights the of the funfair and the cool, punk-ish kids that’d loiter around during its stay.

In a somewhat chaotic collision of traditional tailoring and more contemporary, yet creative streetwear pieces; Von Assche presented us with a visually stimulating collection of loosely fitted suiting, a myriad of bomber jackets and oversized outerwear. This was not a collection of simplistically dumbed down Dior, however; unlike his innately more wearable AW16′ lineup, SS17′ was obviously more conceptual with tellable infusions of subculture and streetwear.

Did it work? It’s a mixed bag really. When Dior did Dior, it was exquisite; supreme suiting, ultra-desirable spring jackets and a section of eyewear that’d leave anyone longing for a summer serviceable by a pair of 24/7 sunglasses. The more notional pieces, however; meshed tops, technical rainwear and pieces that had, what’s best described as copious amounts of string hanging from them, seemed a little lost in the mix.

That considered, It’s exciting to see a brand notoriously renowned for its superior tailoring pushing forward to keep up with the currently in vogue – baby steps Kris, baby steps.

_DIO0102 _DIO0114 _DIO0126 _DIO0140 _DIO0166 _DIO0182 _DIO0200 _DIO0212 _DIO0218 _DIO0222 _DIO0236 _DIO0248 _DIO0262 _DIO0272 _DIO0294 _DIO0302 _DIO0312 _DIO0322 _DIO0336 _DIO0348 _DIO0354 _DIO0364 _DIO0374 _DIO0384 _DIO0394 _DIO0408 _DIO0416 _DIO0424 _DIO0428 _DIO0438 _DIO0450 _DIO0458 _DIO0476 _DIO0482 _DIO0498 _DIO0504 _DIO0514 _DIO0520 _DIO0530 _DIO0542 _DIO0554 _DIO0566 _DIO0572 _DIO0578 _DIO0588 _DIO0594 _DIO0604

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