PFW: Junya Watanabe Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

A sinister set of models showcase the Spring/Summer Junya Watanabe collection at Paris Fashion Week.

_WAT0013Where the model lacked tattoos, the designer drew them on, the more intimidating the better. The tattoos were reflecting onto the clothing as Watanabe presents a variety of patterns in many monotone. The film “Black Cat, White Cat.” was a point of reference for the collection, which certainly translated visually.

The tailored collection was given a “Retro gangster” twist as leather elbow patched and zipped cuffs were added. Watanabe mixes up the sleeves on a lot of the looks, introducing pattern and colour to an otherwise strictly tailored garment

See the full Junya Watanabe Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:

_WAT0013 _WAT0035 _WAT0043 _WAT0057 _WAT0073 _WAT0095 _WAT0117 _WAT0125 _WAT0161 _WAT0171 _WAT0195 _WAT0209 _WAT0243 _WAT0261 _WAT0285 _WAT0317 _WAT0331 _WAT0349 _WAT0387 _WAT0401 _WAT0427 _WAT0455 _WAT0471 _WAT0495 _WAT0507 _WAT0535 _WAT0543 _WAT0573 _WAT0593 _WAT0625 _WAT0633 _WAT0639 _WAT0663 _WAT0701 _WAT0721 _WAT0747 _WAT0769 _WAT0793 _WAT0813 _WAT0839 _WAT0857 _WAT0887

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