Sneaker Watch: Nike Classic Cortez OG “Forrest Gump”

The Red White and Blue combo is here to stay.

nike classic cortez

Following its initial release way back in 1972, the Nike Classic Cortez has undergone a range of makeovers and colourway transitions – however, one particular aesthetic has proven to be far more popular than the rest. The ‘Forrest Gump’ look consists of an all white leather base, complete with somewhat patriotic Red, White and Blue accents in the form of a retro red Nike tick and heel logo paired with a dash of royal blue on the bottom sole.

The Classic Cortez was initially designed by co-founder Bill Bowerman – an Olympic-class track coach (it all makes sense now doesn’t it…) who aimed to create a comfortable running shoe for his athletes. Pick up a new and improved pair of the 1972 classic upon their release on July 14th from the Nike official web-store.


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