NYFWM: Max ‘n Chester Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Max ‘n Chester’s SS17 collection showcased luxurious, loose silhouettes.


Max ‘n Chester designer Trainor explained he wanted this collection to have “the vibe of feeling comfortable 24/7 with a worn-in look.” Working with 100% natural linens and smooth denims for breathability, the offering included long-line tunics and shrunken suits, but not shrunken enough to look or feel restricting. Trainor has kept the collection’s palette in tune with the comfortable, effortless style of the clothing, using muted blue, white and off-beige fabrics with minimal patterning.

Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy2 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy3 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy4 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy5 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy6 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy7 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy8 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy9 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy10 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy11 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy12 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy13 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy14 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy15 Max-n-Chester_ss17_fy16
See a closer look below shot by Antonio Griffith:

IMG_9728JPG IMG_9733 IMG_9734 IMG_9735 IMG_9736 IMG_9737 IMG_9738

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