NYFWM: Todd Snyder Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Todd Snyder mixes sportswear and tailoring down the runway.


Todd Snyder opted for a younger, sportier looking collection which was “Not monochromatic,”.

The youthful and colourful collection features bomber jackets, mohair trousers, silk shorts and light knitwear. Snyder sure does not hold back on the variation of the collection as we go from full tracksuits to floral tailored suits and pinstriped trousers and blazers.

Snyder collaborated with activewear brand Champion, stating “I needed to shift a bit, and with Champion in our wheelhouse, I thought, why not play with it,”. The outfits were also paired with pieces from New Balance and re worked Levis; a collection traced with collaboration.

See the full Todd Snyder Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at New York Fashion Week Men below:

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