Public School Teams Up With New Era

By September 21, 2016Fashion News

The New York brand is let loose on classic New Era caps.


Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborn, the designer’s behind the much-loved New York brand Public School, have partnered with New Era for another limited edition collection of caps. This time round there will be four baseball caps, two in the original 9Fifty snapback silhouette and the other two the will be adjustable 9Twenty dad caps. This collection will be especially iconic as it will be the first time designers have been granted permission to alter the New York Yankees’ and the New York Mets’ classic logos.

The designs will feature the NY team’s insignias combined with the ‘Where NY Lives’ and ‘Public School’ logos, while classic features such as team colours and raised embroidery will stay put.

“We grew up diehard Yanks and Mets fans respectively,” Dao-Yi and Maxwell explain in a press release. “We idolized the players, the teams but more than anything the logos were unwavering symbols for the city we loved. Everything we do is so heavily influenced by NYC so when this opportunity came up—to collaborate on a new hat that symbolized past, present and future—it was a dream come true. Our WNL cap has quickly become an iconic staple of Public School. It represents our approach to everything we do, so to be able to combine it with the two most iconic logos in sports and NY culture is just unbelievable.”

The range of exclusive hats will be priced at $75 and will be available to purchase from 29th – 30th September at the Public School and New Era pop up shop in New York City. Alternatively, for those who reside further afield from the Big Apple, the hats will also be sold through the Public School website for a limited time.

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