Taipei’s Ne.Sense Launches “Necessity Sense” brand

By September 1, 2016Fashion News

The first lookbook from Ne.Sense is filled with references to the Gold Rush era.


Taipei retailer Ne.Sense has decided to expand on last year’s successful capsule collection, named “Point One”, by introducing their own fully-fledged brand, Necessity Sense. This first collection, called “YELLNOW”, is steeped in references to the 1850s Gold Rush, when many Chinese labourers were brought to California to work. The garments pay homage to these workers who were ripped from their families, home life and ultimately their identity by the use of Eastern-influenced silhouettes, earthy colour palettes, denim, intricate hand embroidery and symbolic motifs. The collection also taps into the current trend for gender fluidity, with the lookbook featuring androgynous-looking models and skirts being worn by men.

Check out the brand’s lookbook below and shop the collection online or at Harvey Nichols, H.Lorenzo, Machus, American Rag or UNITED ARROWS.

taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-01 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-02 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-03 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-04 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-05 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-06 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-07 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-08 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-09 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-010 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-011 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-012 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-013 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-014 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-015 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-016 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-017 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-019 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-020 taipe-nesense-launches-necessity-sense-018

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