OFF-WHITE x Matches Fashion Exclusive Capsule Collection

By October 15, 2016Fashion News

Leading the way.


OFF-WHITE and Virgil Abloh are setting the pace for other designers in the world.Through OFF-White’s striped design clothing to their streetwear collection, OFF WHITE have covered all bases. Fall 2016 it gets even better, Virgil has teamed up with online retailer ‘MatchesFashion’ for a 19-piece collection.

The collection will consist of the usual joggers, hoodies, shirt and T-shirt all featured in colours of sensitive black, red and woodland camo.

Take a look at the gallery above for a quick peek at the upcoming collection, which will be releasing October 20.

off-white-matchesfashion-1-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-5-396x575 off-white-matchesfashion-11-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-15-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-9-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-20-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-23-550x800

See the collection pieces below:

off-white-matchesfashion-2-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-3-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-4-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-6-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-7-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-8-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-10-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-12-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-13-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-14-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-16-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-17-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-18-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-19-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-21-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-22-550x800 off-white-matchesfashion-24-550x800

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