Andres Koma Fall Winter 2016 Lookbook

By November 15, 2016Fashion News

Titled “Workaholic Freak”.


Andres Koma has just released its latest lookbook for Fall Winter 2016. Photographed by Sam Tso, “Workaholic Freak” is a conceptual editorial that matches the clothes on display. The collection plays with the idea of tailoring, by experimenting with unusual tailoring elements and checked and pinstripe materials. This is balanced out by the muted colour palette of greys and blues, also a nod in the direction of suiting. Along with visual references to space, such as the rocket ship motif and the materials used in the set, we get a hint of geek in this lookbook, too.

Check out Andres Koma’s Fall Winter 2016 Lookbook in full below.

andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_3 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_4 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_5 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_6 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_7 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_8 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_9 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_10 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_11 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_12 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_13 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_14 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_15 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_16 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_17 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_18 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_19 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_20 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_21 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_22 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_23 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_24 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_25 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_26 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_27 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_28 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_29 andres-koma-fw16-lookbook_30

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