Will. I. Am Releases a Wireless Headphone

By November 2, 2016Fashion News, Music

Will. I. Am’s technology company release a new wireless headphone.


Hollywood-based technology brand, founded by the 41-year-old American rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, actor, musician, DJ, record producer etc, Will. I. Am, have released a new Buttons Wireless headphone. The ‘Buttons’ come in eight colourways including chrome, silver, gold and pink; the design taking inspiration from vinyl records.

Kendell Jenner and Naomi Campbell have taken part in the campaign alongside Will. I. Am- see images below.

The headphones will retail for $229.95 USD and are released today. Shop your headphones at Select Apple stores and as well as Farfetch, Browns and others.

Take a look below.

will-i-am-wireless-buttons-bluetooth-earphones-02 will-i-am-wireless-buttons-bluetooth-earphones-05 will-i-am-wireless-buttons-bluetooth-earphones-04 will-i-am-wireless-buttons-bluetooth-earphones-03

04_mono_black pink-white gold-white 07_apple_greyb 06_apple_pinkw 05_apple_goldb

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