Rick Owens and Michele Lamy Showcase Their Furniture Designs

By January 3, 2017Fashion News

Rick Owens and Michele Lamy display put their furniture designs on display.


It started back in 2007, when Rick Owens and his wife began designing furniture to decorate their home, and they have now put them on display in the US at MOCA in Los Angeles.

The designs feature the anticipated tonal, dark aesthetic expected from the couple. The pieces merely consist of foam, camel hair,  ox bone and alabaster.

Michele began designing her creations in the late 90s after opening Les Deux Café where she met Rick. They moved to Paris in 2003 and started collaborating.

Their exhibition holds large-scale sculptures and video installations alongside a selection of works by the late artist Steven Parrino.

More info about the exhibition can be found here.

rick-owens-michele-lamy-moca-furniture-exhibition-1 rick-owens-michele-lamy-moca-furniture-exhibition-2 rick-owens-michele-lamy-moca-furniture-exhibition-3


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