LFWM: SONGZIO Autumn/Winter 2017 Runway Show

Another Collection Painted on Black.


Songzio debuted their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection at London Fashion Week Mens. The ‘Misanthrope’ collection continues to portray the brands Paint on Black concept, where art produced by the designer on canvas is replicated onto clothing such as the paint splattered black coats. The collection depicts the life of the young city worker through suits and longline overcoats, combined with more relaxed pieces such as sweaters and T-Shirts. Along with the painted pieces, orange tones are a strong theme within this collection.

Coined by the designer as the ‘Misanthrope’, the SONGZIO man walks the ‘cold yet serene street on an eerie morning of an unknown city.’ As the show began, this ‘unknown city’ felt very much like Dickensian London. Austere and sinisterly emotive, the collection built up into seemingly survivalist garb. Our obsession with dystopia and post-apocalyptic existence that dominates entertainment and culture, was realised here in a world where a contemporary-spun Victorian England is the aftermath landscape of the future.

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