LMFW: Craig Green Fall/Winter 2017 Runway Show

Same silhouette, more options.


Craig Green debuted his Fall/Winter 2017 collection at London Fashion Week Men’s. The collection included many oversized silhouettes including jackets featuring pocket and waistband detailing, wide legged trousers and hats. Green experimented with full outfits of the same colourway, whilst some of the collection displayed patterned, colourful tapestries overlayed to create a striking and bold look. The final look displayed in the collection, debuted in five colourways, featured an oversized jacket and trousers with a large puffer belt placed over the shoulder and under the arm in a different colour creating a contrast.

Check out the rest of the images below.

craiggreen_pause1 craiggreen_pause2 craiggreen_pause3 craiggreen_pause4 craiggreen_pause5 craiggreen_pause6 craiggreen_pause7 craiggreen_pause8 craiggreen_pause9 craiggreen_pause10 craiggreen_pause11 craiggreen_pause12 craiggreen_pause13 craiggreen_pause14 craiggreen_pause15 craiggreen_pause16 craiggreen_pause17 craiggreen_pause18 craiggreen_pause19 craiggreen_pause20 craiggreen_pause21 craiggreen_pause22 craiggreen_pause23 craiggreen_pause24 craiggreen_pause25 craiggreen_pause26 craiggreen_pause27 craiggreen_pause28 craiggreen_pause29 craiggreen_pause30 craiggreen_pause31 craiggreen_pause32 craiggreen_pause33

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