MFW: Diesel Black Gold Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

See the full Diesel Black Gold Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection which showcased at Milan Fashion Week Men’s:

There is hardly a better setting than a red, raw and majestic wall to install the Diesel Black Gold Fall/Winter 2017 Collection. In Milan, the brutalist decor welcomed the audience into the silhouettes and shapes of the upcoming season, using their darkest inspiration to create the deepest impact.

While female models were wearing pleated skirts and knotted details, the Diesel Black Gold collection offered the menswear wardrobe a samurai vibe, orchestrated by kimono-styled outfits. For the Fall/Winter 2017 season, men’s silhouettes indeed walked as though they were separated in two: one part for the chic occasion – with a belt to tie around the waist – the other one especially made for the comfortable allure.

Check the photos below:


DieselBlackGold_PAUSE7 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE8 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE6 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE4 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE5 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE35 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE33 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE34 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE31 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE32 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE30 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE3 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE29 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE28 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE26 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE27 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE24 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE25 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE23 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE21 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE22 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE20 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE2 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE19 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE18 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE16 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE17 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE15 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE13 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE14 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE12 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE10 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE11 DieselBlackGold_PAUSE1


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