PFW: Andrea Crews Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Embrace the ALTER CULTURE.


For Autumn/ Winter 2017, Andrea Crews explored the freedom of the outdoors. They consider an escape from urban chaos as a blessing, an opportunity to take in the beauty of nature and leave the ‘aggression of city dwellers’ behind.

The collection draws the open air inspiration onto the clothing by decorating canvas’ with mountain flowers, layering materials like the glacier strata and using fabrics such as sheepskin- a contradiction to the raw urban denim they also use.

Crews dip into ski-wear creating innovative parkas and decorating herbariums with alpine flowers whilst taking steps into the hiking world through Barbour jackets and corduroy trousers. They examine the links between ‘performance and craftsmanship, futurism and romanticism and nature and technology’ to create their combinations of designs.

Andrea Crews have held true to their values by continuing to work with upcycling and collaborations. They worked with DUPERRE students to transform their wool jumpers and RE;CODE’s RTW collection which was reimagined in order to reduce waste production.

Check out the Andrea Crews Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection as it appeared on the runway at Paris Fashion Week:

AndreaCrews_PAUSE4 AndreaCrews_PAUSE6 AndreaCrews_PAUSE5 AndreaCrews_PAUSE7 AndreaCrews_PAUSE8AndreaCrews_PAUSE30 AndreaCrews_PAUSE1 AndreaCrews_PAUSE11 AndreaCrews_PAUSE10 AndreaCrews_PAUSE12 AndreaCrews_PAUSE13 AndreaCrews_PAUSE15 AndreaCrews_PAUSE14 AndreaCrews_PAUSE16 AndreaCrews_PAUSE18 AndreaCrews_PAUSE17 AndreaCrews_PAUSE19 AndreaCrews_PAUSE20 AndreaCrews_PAUSE2 AndreaCrews_PAUSE21 AndreaCrews_PAUSE23 AndreaCrews_PAUSE22 AndreaCrews_PAUSE24 AndreaCrews_PAUSE25 AndreaCrews_PAUSE26 AndreaCrews_PAUSE28 AndreaCrews_PAUSE29 AndreaCrews_PAUSE3AndreaCrews_PAUSE32

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