PFW: Lanvin Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

See the Lanvin Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection as it appeared on the runway at Paris Fashion Week:


One of the many talents Lucas Ossendrijver has – apart from designing one of the most attractive tailored wardrobe of the decade – is to create outstanding pieces, drawing inspiration in the many realities that surround us. For the Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion show, the Lanvin models were seen sporting deconstructed ensembles and nailing the art of layering.

For Lanvin, Ossendrijver decided to clash styles and statements. A grungy vibe was surrounding the whole show, thanks to oversized outerwear pieces mixed with checked shirt and even with a tie and dye effect, found on a pair of baggy trousers. Indeed, the first scarf that literally read ‘Nothing’, was an accurate illustration of that state of mind. Cropped sweaters, capes or zipped suede jackets with fringes were also part of that Lanvin reality. Here comes the collection we at PAUSE couldn’t wait to see.

Check the photos below:

Lanvin_PAUSE50 Lanvin_PAUSE49 Lanvin_PAUSE48 Lanvin_PAUSE47 Lanvin_PAUSE46 Lanvin_PAUSE45 Lanvin_PAUSE44 Lanvin_PAUSE43 Lanvin_PAUSE42 Lanvin_PAUSE41 Lanvin_PAUSE40 Lanvin_PAUSE39 Lanvin_PAUSE38 Lanvin_PAUSE37 Lanvin_PAUSE36 Lanvin_PAUSE35 Lanvin_PAUSE34 Lanvin_PAUSE33 Lanvin_PAUSE32 Lanvin_PAUSE31 Lanvin_PAUSE30 Lanvin_PAUSE29 Lanvin_PAUSE28 Lanvin_PAUSE27 Lanvin_PAUSE26 Lanvin_PAUSE25 Lanvin_PAUSE24 Lanvin_PAUSE23 Lanvin_PAUSE22 Lanvin_PAUSE21 Lanvin_PAUSE20 Lanvin_PAUSE19 Lanvin_PAUSE18 Lanvin_PAUSE17 Lanvin_PAUSE16 Lanvin_PAUSE15 Lanvin_PAUSE14 Lanvin_PAUSE13 Lanvin_PAUSE12 Lanvin_PAUSE11 Lanvin_PAUSE10 Lanvin_PAUSE9 Lanvin_PAUSE8 Lanvin_PAUSE7 Lanvin_PAUSE6 Lanvin_PAUSE5 Lanvin_PAUSE4 Lanvin_PAUSE3 Lanvin_PAUSE2 Lanvin_PAUSE1

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