Men’s Chinos: How to Look Stylish to Impress a Girl

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Men’s Chinos: How to Look Stylish to Impress a Girl

Have you noticed that in recent times you hear more often the words: pants-chinos, chinos? Stylists in fashion programs use them all the time, Hollywood stars wear them constantly. If you are going to shopping, you can visit any store with pants and find there the chinos, marked on the labels. Are you not sure what a word “chinos” means? However, if you definitely want to look stylish to impress Ukrainian woman and show her what a handsome and cool guy you are, then this article is for you.

A little bit of history.

Pants-chinos like any other thing have their own history. They owe their creation to the American military production of the early twentieth century. During the war with the Spaniards, American soldiers are sewed pants, made of quality cotton. It was supplied from China and was called “chinos”. As often happens, this name has taken hold for the pants themselves because of generalization. In the middle of the century, they were distributed and popularized in Europe.

What is the peculiarity of these pants? Pants-chinos are pants made of light and durable cotton. They are very practical and comfortable. They are not tight but, at the same time, they are not too loose and baggy. Usually, they are narrowed to the bottom and shortened. The initial color scale: yellowish-sandy, dusty, light brown, khaki shades. These colors are ideal for a hot summer in a company of not less hot beauty.

Modern pants-chinos are often created in colors far from this protective and masking palette. For example, they can be made in dark blue, mustard, red, light green, dusty pink. They are easy to maintain washing and are comfortable for active life. Chinos can suit to various in style looks: from relaxed casual to close to business.

What clothes will fit men’s pants-chinos?

It is important to understand the situation and the desired effect. If you want to get an outfit for the work of the “denim Friday” format, put on a checkered or a solid-colored shirt, roll up the sleeves and do not fasten all the buttons (a jacket is not necessary, only if it is light). Although, in fact, you can go on an evening date with a charming girl or meet friends in this outfit. Italians, for example, are very fond of this style. They complement it with a leather or textile belt, good watches, and glasses in the actual frame.

You can get a more relaxed look if you simply put on a polo shirt, a shirt with a short sleeve or a T-shirt (any color that is most pleasing to you). If this is too simple for you, then complicate it with the help of the details. Hats, for example, or a backpack with a tropical print. Do not forget about denim jackets or shirts over the T-shirt, an extra layer will make your outfit more interesting.

What shoes will fit pants-chinos?

Everything depends on the occasion and your preferences. If the image is close to business style, then loafers and brogues will be useful. Options for a day off or walking (preferably along the coast) are espadrilles, moccasins, sneakers. Do not forget to leave your favorite socks in the closet.

To whom will suit pants-chinos and where should you wear them?

Pants-chinos are like jeans, in terms of universality. Men of small, medium and basketball height can wear them. Weight can vary too since these pants are not tight and do not constrain movements. Everyone should look good, wearing them.

Talking about the place of assignment, the chinos will fit for work without a strict dress code. You should definitely take them when going on vacation in warmer regions. You can wear them almost anywhere. Except for the places and events that will require an evening outfit.

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