The Designer of the YEEZY Face Mask is Back, With an Ikea Twist

The latest trend from everyone’s favorite Swedish homestore, Ikea.

Tailor-made for my girl @aria.duan 👌 #IKEAMASK #HANDCRAFT #FRAKTA #FRAKTAMASK

A post shared by Zhijun Wang (@zhijunwang) on


A post shared by Zhijun Wang (@zhijunwang) on

Well, since the Ikea ‘Frakta’ bag became the latest trend in the fashion world, it begs the question, will people buy anything if it’s got enough hype around it? We’ve seen custom Ikea-Acronym bags, Ikea sandals and Ikea-Balenciaga Speed Trainers, but, now we’ve been blessed with Ikea facemasks! Make the use of this facemasks practicalities by shielding yourself from smog or just flex it.

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