Gosha Rubchinskiy Explores Russia’s Rave Culture in the 90s

By June 13, 2017Fashion News

Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Magazine delves into Russia’s Rave Culture in the 90s.

Trends come and go, be it the monochrome fad, nautical fever or even the 00s catastrophe. Yet for some reason, the 90s have stayed with us for a long time. Gosha Rubchinskiy is one designer who fully delves into the 90s thrill as he is showcasing photographs of the joys during the early stages of Russia’s techno rave scene.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Rubchinskiy was adamant in leading a new wave of cultural discovery in Russia. The country’s techno rave scene developed in the undergrounds as a part of reconnecting with popular culture after years of detachment.

Rubchinskiy spoke to Dazed back in 2014 about the discovery. “Music gives freedom. Young people in my generation and the previous generation felt isolated, and we still feel disconnected to popular culture.” He went on to add, “The new generation has the internet and they feel like a part of something bigger; they want to be the voice of their people and spread the word that they are creative and can make cool music and art. This movement keeps growing. It’s a new Russia.”

While Rubchinskiy was a toddler, the Russian rave scene was nothing but experimental, exciting and non-traditional meaning the creatives had the opportunity to explore the fad. Exploration of a dynamic trend meant the debut of Russia’s first female DJ Lena Popova.

The images clearly show that these raves took place in some of Russia’s most iconic clubs, such as Tunnel and Planetarium. Rubchinskiy represents artistic freedom in his art and clothing, with similarities between these photos and Rubchinskiy’s 2018 Spring/Summer collection. In collaboration with INRUSSIA, only 500 copies of Rubchinskiy’s magazine will be published worldwide with no release information yet given out.

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