Drake To Be Outfitted by Prada For His ‘Boy Meets World Tour’

Drake at his 'Boy Meets World Tour'.

Since last Friday’s Auckland show up until his Melbourne show on the 20th of November Drake has been, and will be, dressed by the fashion industry giants, Prada. The company have produced exclusive and completely customized outfits ranging from jumpsuits to windbreakers that will be worn for nine instalments within the rest of the Boy Meets World Tour.

The mega-star will be using his outfits to advertise Prada products to his audience overseas as the pieces have all been inspired by Prada’s latest spring presentation, with a number of them also featuring a “BMWT Special Edition by Prada” patch. However, as exciting as it is, all we can do is wait and see what outfits will be on display at his shows!

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