PAUSE Drinks: A Christmas Special

By December 3, 2017Lifestyle

With Xmas around the corner, the budget from the government was rather bleak. But what better way to combat that by having a great time on a budget, feeling refreshed for what will be a challenging 2018.

Here’s my round up of the best booze buys for the holiday period.

Four Roses Bourbon

This has grown in popularity along with BBQ food. I actually first discovered when a Pub owner said he refused to stock another brand. I listen to experts.

How?: Look up An Old Fashioned.

£27Sipsmith Gin Christmas Tree Decorations

Your tree has never looked so or tasted so good. Enjoy these fun and generous helpings of gin that come in a box of 6.

How?: Add tonic and enjoy while opening your presents!


Koko Kanu 

Really nothing wrong with some Summer vibes in the middle of December. Refreshing, exotic and different so for sure to surprise your guests.

How?: On ice for sipping or if you are going all out shake with pineapple juice for a classic pina colada alternative.

£18.89Apothic Dark Red Wine

Indulge in your darker side with this rich and fruity experience. With notes of coffee and chocolate, work beautifully with a gathering over food.

How: In a good red wine glass so you get the full benefit.


Tom of Finland Vodka

Inspired by Artist Touko Laaksonen, you may not want to gift it as it will be the best looking bottle in your collection. It’s a premium spirit from Finland which is also organic with no added sugar!

How?: Served in a tall glass of ice, ginger beer and a stick of cinnamon.

£32Gin Mare

Check out this limited edition lantern set from Gin Mare. Available from Harvey Nichols, the lantern can be used after the last drop, or even the first!

How?: Light a candle and crack it open.

£49Loch Lomond Gift Pack

Great for both a connoisseur or a novice, this collection of three miniatures has original, 12 and 18 year old single malts from the Scottish Highlands.

£21.95Belgars Mulled Wine

Stay warm with this luxury blend of wine and spices. Don’t leave it on the fire!

How?: A late evening warmer perfect for NYE.

£3.99Foxhole Gin Marc 3

Named after the mass of skins, pulp and pips after grape pressing, Marc 3 is designed to impress. A premium spirit to survive the most picky of guests.

How?: A great gift and you can have them guess what it is.



For sure this is the ‘it’ drink. It has made a serious comeback over the last 18 months. The bottle even comes with how best to serve it.

How?: 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and 1 part soda.


Grand Heron

Light, fruity and fresh, an aromatic white wine.

How?: Drinks reception when friends arrive just to get going.


Cotes De Gascogne

Citrus, crisp and full-bodied. Impress your guests or the host with this light wine.

How?: Great with starters or a fish main.


Words by Benjamin Glean.

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