7 Most Stylish iPhone X Cases

By January 1, 2018Sponsored

Everything about you needs to ooze stylish appeal. Making an effort with a tailored, smart look for the office or dressing down for the weekend is all well and good, but how stylish are your accessories, specifically the phone case that houses your iPhone?

The iPhone X is making waves, with many Apple fans turning to the latest handset and all that it offers. Its most expensive handset yet at just under £1,000, protecting it must surely be a priority.

Imagine whipping out the latest iPhone X to find that it is encased in a cheap, plastic cover. With brands starting to tantalise us with sneak peeks at their 2018 collections, getting the right iPhone X case has never been more important.

·      Impress with marble

Effortlessly stylish, the marble effect case is ideal. With just the right hint of patterning, all big brands from Native Union to Gucci have this style in their range. Expect to pay upwards of £70, but worth every penny.

·      Chic wood

Not a common material or effect for phone cases which is why this effect is ideal. Imagine whipping out your phone in the latest gear from your favourite brand to enjoy playing Casinomeister at for the case to attract admiring glances. Or, for something different, look out for a bamboo case.

·      Canvas

For dress down weekends to casual get-togethers, this canvas case makes the ideal addition to your day. With its tactical cover, it makes it easier to grip your phone too, essential with such an expensive piece of kit in your hands.

·      Love your phone…

… and show off its beauty with a crystal-clear case. The top branded cases look anything but cheap, with the transparency staying crystal clear and not yellowing with use. Great for protecting the corners of your phone too.

·      Luxurious leather

Timeless. Elegant. Italian leather fold cases are perfect for in and around the office. Different colours are available, but the must-have Italian leather iPhone X case comes in tan leather. A natural material, it is hard wearing but as it does age, it does so beautifully. At the top end of the pricing range, surely nothing is too much for protecting your iPhone X?

·      Off-road protection

Your phone is with you, whether you are a top-level meeting, skiing off-piste or mountain biking through forests. And you need a tough case that can stand this tough terrain. There are many examples of bumper cases for the iPhone X but one of the best for a mere snip at £47 is the Survivor All-Terrain bumper case from Griffin.

·      The wallet

Predictable it may be, but the quality and function of the folding wallet case are not outdone. Essential for a night out or even lunch in the city, the folding leather case complete with a compartment for your cards is surely a must-have accessory for the modern man. Choose from a range of colours, from earthy green tones to midnight blue to ring the changes from black.

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