Get a Good Look at Migos’ ‘Culture II’ Merch

A fashionable way to prepare for an album.

Ever since people have found out that Migos were going to drop Culture II the anticipation has been building and as the project is set to drop later this month, it’s at an all-time high. Luckily Universal has just dropped a load of merch in conjunction with the upcoming album so you can vent your excitement through buying a new fit.

The modestly sized capsule of two features large branding on both pieces and stark graphics and colours in order to catch the eye. As for details, the first piece pictured is an orange hoodie that sports a tiger head graphic (which seems to play off the Gucci vibes) that sits upon the text “CULTURE II”  centrally on the back of the garment as well as on the left side of the chest. As well as this hoodie a white T-shirt with an equally as vivid graphic is up for grabs. Specifically, the tee shows-off two tigers either side of a rose that rests upon a spider’s web on the back, while on the front it opted for a more simplistic design that depicts a single rose on the upper chest.

So although we don’t have the music quite yet we can hopefully ease the pain by getting our hands on the merch, which by the way can be picked up now at Bloomingdale’s New York and Beverly Center locations.

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