PAUSE or Skip: The Exclusive Colourway for Prada’s Cloudbust Sneakers

Exclusively sold at MR PORTER.COM.

Prada’s Cloudbust has been taking the sneaker scene by storm by jumping on the chunky sneaker trend and adding their own unique selling points, these specifically being, a comfortable upper, what is now a renowned velcro fastening front strap, a metallic bubble midsole and a supported rubber sole. However, if the conventional Cloudbust didn’t have enough of an identity maybe the MR PORTER exclusive colourway does.

The shoe’s Sportswear-inspired textiles have seen a fresh lick of paint with the sole sporting a bright white base, the main body of the sneaker rocking black, the rubber details along the side of the piece wearing dark grey, and finally highlights of the shoe that appear on the toe cap, heel and velcro strap are shown-off in a blood red colour. It’s an interesting design and one that many have either a love or hate relationship with, but what do you think, PAUSE or skip?

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