PAUSE or Skip: The Balenciaga Triple S 2.0

By February 20, 2018PAUSE or Skip, Sneakers

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No matter where you were in 2017, or where you looked, you would have a chunky sneaker in your line of sight. This was of course due to the trend slowly and rather controversially taking over the sneaker scene. I only say controversially as the new style started to split sneakerheads into two groups, those who like them and those who don’t, a true example of a love or hate relationship with a style. Furthermore, the fact that this was such a polarising aesthetic meant that every chunky sneaker release had all eyes on them, this was especially true when fashion giants such as Balenciaga were showing off their designs, and now they have released yet another. In fact, the latest pair are a follow up to the very successful Triple S and rock many of the original shoe’s features. For example, the Triple S 2.0 comes with a pretty much identical chunky midsole underfoot, however, many of the cuts that appeared on the upper of the first Triple S’ have been removed to simplify the latest iteration.

Take a look at the sneakers below and stay tuned for the pair’s release date and pricing.