Calvin Klein’s 205W39NYC Line Takes on the Chunky Trend for Carlos 10 Sneakers

The trend shows no sign of slowing down.

After Calvin Klein unveiled a new Paris headquarters for their very own 205W39NYC line they turned their efforts to producing sneakers that orientate around the Chunky trend that has been taking over the scene.

Specifically, the shoes see a primarily leather and rubber build with an added suede detail that spans from the bottom of the lacing system to the toe box. As for colours, the piece comes in 4 iterations half of which see the appearance of vivid splashes of colour be it pink and green or burgundy and orange, while the other two versions come in a more subtle white and cream or black and white colour scheme. When it comes to comfort the Carlos 10 sneakers sport a chunky softened sole unit that boasts chequered detailing beneath the branding on the heel.

Take a look at the new Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Carlos 10 Sneakers below and click the following button to pick up a pair for yourself for the price of €555.

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