SPOTTED: Big Sean Sporting Louis Vuitton, PUMA and Chinatown Market

A clean fit.

Recently the American rapper, Big Sean was recently spotted on his travels after the creative uploaded a picture of himself on Instagram rocking an incredibly clean and harmonious fit within the Dubai International Airport.

Specifically, Sean adorned himself with a Chinatown Market tee – that was released not long ago to pay homage to the late tech-revolutionary – layered beneath a monochrome chequered fleece shirt and a pair of loose fitting beige trousers. When it came to complimenting colours we saw his stark red PUMA sneakers play off the reds found within his tee and “God is my source” hat. While last but not least we have the array of heavy duty accessories, from his Louis Vuitton bag and thick chain, to his Yin and Yang ring and skull necklace. Take a look at his fit below.

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