These Customs Make a Virgil Abloh x Air Jordan 1 x Balenciaga Triple S a Reality

What are your thoughts?

Most have a love or hate relationship when it comes to custom shoes, with some loving the fact they can see hybrids of their favourite sneakers and others thinking that its blasphemous to even consider making changes to the silhouettes of shoes such as the Air Force 1’s. However, whether you are a fan of the final result aesthetically or not there is no arguing that the craft demands an incredible amount of skill and imagination when it comes to producing a pair. This has never been so apparent than in the case of @searleivy taking on two of the most hyped shoes around, the Virgil Abloh x Air Jordan 1, and the Balenciaga Triple S.

Specifically, the shoe designer took the Chicago colourway of the Air Jordan 1 and placed it upon the notoriously chunky outsole of the Balenciaga Triple S, creating a truly polarising result. With some loving the pair and others stating its not their cup of tea, there is no way of knowing which side of the fence you will land on unless you take a look for yourself which you can do below.