Balenciaga Presents Fall 2018 Collection

By May 21, 2018Fashion News

A unisex womenswear collection.

After the release of its Pre-Season collection lookbook earlier this month, Balenciaga is keeping up the fast pace as details have now also emerged on the upcoming Fall 2018 collection. Although the capsule is being presented as the official womenswear collection, most of the garments are purposefully unisex, with many pieces being showcased on both male and female models in runways thus far.

The collection is surprisingly accessory heavy, with what appears to be a whole new leather bag selection – alongside stand-out pieces such as an oversized spell-out anorak, plaid shirts, relaxed pantsuits and leopard-print puffa jacket. Balenciaga has again merged street-wear and high fashion to create a very signature, “Balenciaga”-look.

Take a look at the lookbook below or head over to Balenciaga’s web store right now to pre-order the full Fall 2018 collection.

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