Even More Hints That Drake May Be Switching to adidas

Drake shot appears at adidas-sponsored gallery show.

After months of speculation, Drake has once again sparked rumours that he will be leaving the Jordan Brand for adidas. Following a year of the artist sporting adidas more than ever, on the streets and on his Instagram, fans continue to believe Drake may be parting ways with Jordan, as sources report he is may not be entirely happy with his current partnership.

These rumours were then further sparked by a comment made by Marcus Jordan via Twitter, tweeting; “And you’re now stuck in Adidas Kicks… FOREVER”.

Now, following Atiba Jeffersons adidas-sponsored photo show named, “Heart Shaped Box” at HVWB Gallery in LA which featured a shot of Drake – causing fans to again question the connection on Instagram. Although there is yet to be an official statement from Drake, adidas or the Jordan Brand, at this point it is hard to see all these signs as coincidences and it is probably safe to say we should expect more information regarding the transfer in the upcoming months.



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