L’ORIGINE Drops Lookbook for Their Summer 2018 Collection

By May 29, 2018Fashion News

Titled L’ Société.

L’ORIGINE started with the two founders Dyllan Ahinful and Jeffrey Mensah who have now put their creative minds together to produce a Summer 2018 collection that orientates itself around the concept that opposites attract and enhance.

To be more precise, the offerings look to embody the fact that all opposites are actually each other’s halves and when they come together they empower each other, whether it is people’s skin colour, culture, political views or gender.

As for the offerings themselves, they consist of different types of cotton fabric. Mostly fleece and Fench terry, with the garments adorned in the basic colours white and black. However, from here L’ORIGINE uses colours that sit opposite each other in the colour wheel in the details to further reinforce the theme of the entire collection.

Take a look at the collection’s lookbook below.


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